John Thomas Poker


John Thomas Poker Rules

Customers dining with us Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are entitled to play John Thomas Poker. Each guest is dealt a playing card. Cards may be mixed and matched with your table companions in order to obtain your best five card poker hand. Winning hands (maximum five cards) may then be exchanged for one of the gifts listed below...or...retained in hopes of putting together a better five card hand on your next poker night visit. Four full decks of playing cards are placed in the shoe every poker night which means that those who dine early have a slightly better chance of picking the card that will give them their best poker hand. Remember, poker nights are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only. Good luck!


One Pair: Complimentary John Thomas Sauce

Two Pair: Complimentary Dessert

Three of a Kind: Complimentary Side Order

Straight: Complimentary Dessert for Two

Flush: Complimentary Appetizer

Full House: Complimentary Appetizers for Two

Four of a Kind: Complimentary Entree

Straight Flush: Complimentary 30oz. Porterhouse

Royal Straight Flush: Complimentary Entrees for Two*

* We reserve the right to change or suspend our poker game at any time.

** Porterhouse, Lobster, and Surf & Turf are considered to be two entrees. Parties requesting limited menus are not eligible to play John Thomas Poker.